I’ve been riding the Rimutaka Incline. Situated close to Upper Hutt north of Wellington it offers a relaxing ride through the mountains following the path of the original railway line.

Since the majority of the trail is a gradual incline, it’s a good to place to start getting fit again. I’ve been riding it a couple of times a week and I’m starting to feel the improvements. I try to maintain a constant cadence rate all the way to the summit. My times have been improving to the summit, and I have noticeably more energy at the top. The trail is easy to ride, and is suitable for people who’ve not been mountain biking before.

I find it a wonderful place to experience the beauty and peacefulness of being out in the bush. As the strength in my wrist improves I’ll start heading to places such as Makara Peak and more demanding trails.

rimutaka incline trail map

The History Behind the Trail

The Rimutaka Incline follows the path of the railway line which opened in 1878 between the Hutt Valley and Featherston. The line closed in 1955 after the tunnel through the mountains was completed. The rusting trains at the summit reflect the history of the location. This was where the railway yard was and a few houses for the workers who lived there.

For more information on the history of the area go to Summit Railway Station

rimutaka incline rusting trains


rimutaka incline rusting trains


rimutaka incline river new zealand

Thank you for reading.


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