After breaking my wrist I had a mental block about being on my bike again.

After the operation to fit the plate, I had a sleepless night and tried to understand what I’d done to cause the crash.  How could I get this wrong in twenty years of riding? I’ve done the same thing on rigid bikes many times without incident, so what was different? How did the angle and speed contribute to this, did I pull up too hard on the rear wheel? And was clipping the kerb the final element to cause things go wrong?

mountain bike map crash my wrist plate

Getting Past the Mental Block

As my recovery progressed the hunger to get riding again was unstoppable. So how could I get past the mental block? This is what I came up with.

  • Try to fully understand the circumstances and avoid making them again.
  • Be aware of my own abilities, but work hard to improve my confidence.
  • Improve my own fitness.  
  • Wear body armour when necessary.
  • Accept that occasionally crashes will happen and it’s sometimes down misfortune whether I get injured 
  • Sell the Trance and find a long-travel enduro bike.

I was fortunate to find a two year old Santa Cruz Nomad in mint condition, it’s an incredible machine and my fitness is noticeably starting to improve. I’ve worked with a personal trainer so I have a program I can work on at home. The time spent recovering and being off the bike has reminded my just how much I love doing this. The day that I can start to find out just how good the Nomad is getting closer and we’re just a month away from the start of summer.

It feels awesome to be riding again.

Happy Trails.

santa cruz nomad 2015 rimutaka incline wellington new zealand


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