Makara Peak bike park is located to the west of Wellington close to the suburb of Karori. If you’re travelling to Wellington from overseas then this is somewhere worth checking out. 

The park opened in 1998 and covers an area of 250 hectares (618 acres). It has gone on to make a big contribution to mountain biking in the area. Prior to the park opening the area had been used for farming and the native bush had been removed early in the 20th century. It is now a conservation area just as much as it is a bike park. There has been a huge effort to re-plant native flora which has helped to re-establish native bird species in the area. The bush also provides much needed cover from the sun and wind. Wellington is the windiest city on the planet, and the heat from sun is intense in summer. The climate can change quickly so taking an extra layer is a smart thing to do.

In the car park there a bathroom, bike washing facilities and loads of information on the area (shown below). The first trail is Koru which climbs uphill to get everything warmed up which then gives access to several more trails including the skills area. Development of the trails is ongoing including the recent addition of a very cool suspension bridge.

This is just a quick intro, in the future I’ll cover individual trails, and of course film it with the GoPro.

For loads more info head to makara peak

makara peak wide


makara peak entrance


makara peak map


makara peak bush nomad

Conservation is a big part of the park.

makara peak nesting birds


makara peak bush


makara peak hills


makara peak hills


makara peak bush

Thank you for reading – Happy Trails!


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