My Personal Kit

This is my personal kit I take riding with me. Even when I’m going for a relatively short ride I want to avoid forgetting anything. So I tend to carry quite a lot of kit with me. I use a Mavic Crossmax Hydropack – It has a large 25 litre capacity, loads of pockets and a durable construction. The padding on the back allows a decent amount of airflow and the shoulder and waist straps are comfortable. It also comes with a heat blanket and a bright cover for visibility.

Front Pocket

  • Elbow Pads
  • Knee Pads
  • GoPro camera
  • Heat blanket

I prefer to carry these with me and use them when needed. I don’t need to wear body armour on many trails especially during summer. After a long climb I have it with me for the descent.

Main Pocket

  • Two 1 litre PBA free waterbottles
  • Map of the area (if possible)
  • Showerproof jacket
  • First aid kit including lip balm and sunscreen

Small Pocket

  • Tyre pump, levers and emergency inner tube
  • Suspension Pump
  • Multitool

Side Pockets

  • Nutrition bars

I really appreciate that the pockets on my Fly shorts both have zips. There’s plenty of space for my keys, wallet and smartphone and I don’t feel restricted when pedalling.

personal kit

Thank you for reading – happy trails!

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