When I go out riding, I like to be prepared, so I was after a large backpack which allows me to ride for an extended period. I went with a Mavic Crossmax Hydropack, it has a 25 litre capacity, loads of pockets and is really comfortable on my back. The padding on the back is quite deep which allows a decent amount of airflow. The shoulder and waist straps are also really comfortable. It doesn’t come with a bladder, I’m not currently using one but I may well do in the future. It also comes with a heat blanket and a bright yellow cover for visibility.

In the front pocket I have space for elbow and knee pads and my GoPro, most trails they’re really not needed, but I like to have them with me for the descent after a long climb.

In the main pocket I carry the chin guard for my Bell helmet and three 750ml bottles of water. I also have a shower proof jacket with me if there’s a chance of rain. When I’m riding at Makara Peak or anywhere else possible I like to have a copy of the map. Whilst I have the Trailforks App on my phone, I still like to have a physical map with me if possible.

There’s also a smaller pocket where I keep the suspension pump, tyre pump and allen key set, and in the side pockets I keep some nutrition bars.

It’s an awesome bit of kit, I like stuff which is well designed, durable to use and just works.

biking kit



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