My 100 Days Fitness Challenge

I want to ride fitter, faster and longer this year – So I’m starting My 100 Days Fitness Challenge. I want to become skilled enough that I can really start to experience the capabilities of my bike. So here we go.

It’s about choosing to take control on how I live and follow the direction I started when I bought the Nomad a few months ago. The last few weeks I’ve not been in the right headspace. A big part of this project is having the right mental approach. So I’m choosing to move on from feeling annoyed at myself that I’ve spent more time going riding, It’s a long list of reasons, but the point of this post is about moving on and defining the direction for the year ahead.

For too long I’ve been feeling devoid of energy, my sleep patterns have been a quite random, and much of the riding or training I’ve done doesn’t feel like it’s made any real difference to my level of fitness. And I’m finished with feeling deflated by that. To quote Lance Armstrong – it’s time to “Get serious”.

Starting Wednesday 7th of February for 100 Days I’m going to:

  • Phase out alcohol and caffeine from my life
  • Change my diet to fish and plant based, and reduce processed food intake
  • Train at home on the road bike at least three times a week
  • Increase my general fitness
  • Commit to a regular meditation practice
  • Have a regular sleeping pattern
  • Not beat myself up over my level of fitness, but allow myself to enjoy being on my bike at all times
  • To develop this website into a successful blog

My goals before Winter Begins

  • Ascend to the top of Makara Peak (stopping only to hydrate), and still have sufficient energy so that the descent is awesome.
  • Develop my skills to ride expert level trails without freaking out and breaking bones.
  • Push my abilities on the Skyline at Rotorua

I know I should have done this a while ago, but I want to make the most of the climate before winter arrives. So from now on I’ll be writing regular blog posts detailing the journey and how I’m adjusting to a healthier fitter lifestyle.

santa cruz nomad 2015 rimutaka incline wellington new zealand

Thank you for reading – Happy Trails!

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