100 Days Fitness Challenge – Day 7

It’s now Day 7 of my 100 Day Fitness Challenge. The first week is over and my mind and body are adjusting to the new routine. I’m conscious that it’s far too early to notice any major effects yet, but I’m feeling less lethargic and my concentration is noticeably better. Here’s the edited highlights from the last seven days.


Our Truck is currently getting fixed so we’ve been without a vehicle for the last few days. There aren’t really any trails nearby, although I’m considering simply heading out to Mt Vic this afternoon just get out for a ride. It has some really good trails, isn’t too far away and I can get there without being on the road too much.


I’ve been able to stick to a really good diet this week which I’m happy about. There’s been plenty of Muesli, noodle salad and seafood. My intake of caffeine, bread, pasta, and chocolate have also dropped. My head is starting to feel clearer and my sleeping pattern is becoming more consistent. I’m aware that I’m starting from a relatively low level of fitness so it’ll be a while before any increases in my energy levels.

I don’t really have any interest in alcohol. It’s been a really hot and humid summer, the last thing I want to experience is dehydration, let alone a hangover. I keep a couple of bottles of water in the freezer so there’s always icy water available. My skin is thanking me for it.


Since this challenge began I’ve increased my indoor training sessions to around 4 times a week. I’ve been using the Train with GCN playlist on their Youtube channel. Each session is really well designed and I enjoy pushing myself each time. Since I don’t cycle on the roads, my Specialized Allez is being used to good effect.

Having set up the weights bench and road bike in my office at home is allowing me to spend more time concentrating on stretching and weight training. I have a program created by a personal trainer, and I’m currently doing research to expand the range of exercises. Once it’s a more developed program I’ll cover it here.

The Blog

Setting myself this challenge is also helping me focus on making this blog a success. I’m working hard to improve the content so people will wish to read it. There’s several other areas that I plan to focus on in the future, so there’s plenty of research to do. When my fitness and skills have increased to a decent level I’ll be posting videos on the Youtube channel, and continuing to regularly post on Instagram.


My motivation to make this challenge a success recently received a major boost. Last week I won a 10 Run Pass at the Fourforty Bike Park near Auckland. Since it’s around 640km to Auckland I decided to turn this into a tour of the North Island. Here’s the link to the post.

For the coming week, it’s basically going to be more of the same, only slightly better.

Time for another training session.

specialized allez

Happy trails and thank you for reading.

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