Product Review – IXS Flow Body Armour

I’ve been wearing the IXS Flow Elbow and Knee Pads for a while, and they’ve really impressed me. I was after body armour which didn’t feel bulky or restrict movement. The highly knowledgeable people at Dirt Merchants recommended IXS because of the X-Matter foam compound used. It’s a light flexible material which hardens upon impact. The silicone band at the top prevents them from slipping down and also requires little tension on the lower velcro strap for a comfortable fit. The materials used for construction allow my skin to breathe and is super tough. They’re really quick to get on and off and I don’t really notice them when I’m riding. They also easily fit under loose clothing. The knee pads are sufficiently flexible that there’s no restriction in movement when pedalling.

ixs flow elbow pads

ixs flow shin pads

I purchased these from the excellent Dirt Merchants. It’s a small indy shop run by passionate bikers and where my Nomad gets serviced for stuff I can’t do at home. Unfortunately I’ve just learnt that they be closing their doors soon as owner James Duncan returns to running a mobile repair service. He’ll also continue to run rides and the Dirt Merchants Enduro. I’m personally happy that he’ll remain a Santa Cruz agent. But after 6 years I’m going to miss the shop being there. For the full news go here.

Thank you for reading – Happy Trails!


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