I regularly ride the Rimutaka Incline for fitness training, a route which I’ve previously written about here. It’s a wide and flat gravel trail, so my technical skills are not tested, but I still get plenty of benefits from riding there. It’s also a good place for people new to mountain biking to help build confidence since there’s no ruts or tree roots to deal with.

  1. Low intensity training. It helps me continue to build my base level of fitness by riding at a slower pace for longer periods of time.
  2. Interval sprints. It’s approximately 10 kilometres to the summit and each kilometre is marked. Each time I pass one of the marker posts I go up a couple of gears, sprint for 10 seconds then return to my normal cadence.
  3. Practising skills. I’ve been using the area at the summit for practising manuals and bunny hops. My technical skills need more work and this is somewhere I like to focus on these. I also spend time stretching and performing other exercises which don’t require any equipment.
  4. Building strength in my legs. After leaving the summit I’ll drop the saddle and pedal for as long as possible without sitting. Since there’s a slight downhill gradient I also continue practising manuals. This will really help my trail riding in the future.
  5. The scenery is beautiful. There are signs along the trail which give an insight into the history of the area and the construction of the railway. There’s also the collection of rusting locomotives at the summit. One of the reasons I love mountain biking is the beautiful scenery it can take me to.

rimutaka incline santa cruz nomad

rimutaka incline santa cruz nomad

Thank you for reading – Happy Trails!



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