Crankworx Rotorua is ON! I’ve been keeping up with the action on the Pinkbike Youtube Channel. It’s great to see Kiwi riders getting the results. Sam Blenkisop and Brook Macdonald took first and second in the Redwoods Downhill with Mick Hannah third. Unfortunately Tracey Hannah failed a concussion test after a crash in practice and has withdrawn. Vaea Verbeeck and Casey Brown made it a Canadian 1-2.

It was an all Kiwi podium in the Men’s Toa Enduro, with Keegan Wright taking the win and Ronja Hill-Wright 2nd in the Womens race. It’s cool to see Downhill Ace Tahnee Seagrave get third in the Dual Slalom on her first appearance here in NZ.

Crankworx Rotorua is an amazing event which showcases so much of what is awesome about mountain biking. It’s also allows NZ riders to show their huge talent on home soil. And both will receive ZERO attention from the media here. They’re far more interested in speculating about rugby, cricket and golf every single day. The media here only covers cycling when it’s road or track racing. Mountain biking simply doesn’t exist for them.

Getting Prepared

Rant over with. Watching this is getting me hyped up for the North Island Tour starting on Monday. This is my first time riding at both the Fourforty MTB Park and the Whakarewarewa Forest in Rotorua. The weather is currently looking okay for the first couple of nights when I’m camping at Orere Point. I’m not sweating about the forecast for Rotorua, it’s currently showing a period of rain, but a lot can change in ten days. It’ll still be awesome to do a road trip, and go camping somewhere beautiful with my bike. Rain is not an issue, unless it’s a complete monsoon and then I’ll improvise.

I’ll spend the rest of the week training at home, getting stuff sorted to take with me, and give the Nomad a check over. Taking the workstand with me will make working on the bike tons easier. With the weather forecast as it is now, I’m probably going to have to clean the drivetrain more than once. I made the decision to stay at campsites with good facilities so I don’t have to take a bunch of cooking and washing equipment. I like to travel light without roughing it when I’m camping. That means means being warm at night under a couple of duvets.

This will probably be the last post before I head off. At least I’ll be able to write whilst I’m away. Just hoping they don’t all start with “Stuck in the tent – heavy rain today”. Expect a ton of photos throughout the week. It’ll be good to return with a bunch of footage from the GoPro, get editing and finally get some videos out there.

Mauruuru no te pānui! – Ara hari.

redwoods mtb map rotorua



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