The Park

Last Wednesday I spent the day riding at the Fourforty MTB Park south-east of Auckland. Here’s a link to their Facebook Page. Situated on the road between Kawakawa Bay and Orere Point, it takes it’s name from the 440 meters of vertical descent through the forest. I arrived Monday evening and camped nearby at Orere Point, a good place to chill out in the evening.

It’s currently open Wednesdays and Weekends. The Park Information page has everything you need to know for opening times throughout the year and bike hire prices. There’s also plenty of options for shuttle passes.

The area by the shuttle pickup contains a small shop and the hire bikes, plus a large covered area with a BBQ. There’s also plenty of trail choices at the shuttle drop-off point. On the Wednesday I was there, the BBQ was not used I’m guessing because of the reduced visitor numbers. So If you head there on a Wednesday make sure you take your own food and water. There’s also plenty of space available in the car park. The shuttles are running the whole time the park is open, and you don’t have to wait long for the next one.

A certified helmet and a bike safe for riding are essentials, and you can be denied access for not meeting those standards. Gloves and knee pads are also recommended.

In order to protect the Kauri within the park, they request that you spray your tyres before arriving. If you forget there’s a treatment station near the entrance.

The Trails

TrailPRO have done a superb job in constructing a diverse range of trails which work well with the terrain. It goes from Bacon and Eggs for children to the Ruapehu DH. Pink Stoat is already a favourite which I covered in this post with the video. I also had a blast riding Gum Diggers 2, G Banger and Bustin Jieber.

I’m looking forward to returning and next time I’ll have the whole weekend. There’s much more to explore including the advanced trails. I’ve always loved riding in forests, that combined with the riding at Fourforty are why I’m now a fan of the place.

440 bike park map

Thank you for reading – Happy Trails!



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