Here’s a video I edited of the best bits from Fourforty MTB Park. Here’s the link to the post I previously wrote on my visit. I wanted to go through the rest of the video footage and see came out the other end. It got me thinking about what else I could do in future videos. I’ve mounted the GoPro on the top of my helmet before, but I find the images from the chest mounted camera work far better.

I could get someone to film me from the side of the trail, and hire a drone pilot. At this point I’m just into filming and editing where I’m riding, instead of producing riding videos. I know I could produce something which would look good, but my skills and fitness have a long way to go before it would be worthwhile. I have some experience editing and I’ve worked on some short films before. It would be cool to go somewhere awesome, plan some cool shots and get creative in the editing. I’ve seen lots of really cool drone footage and it’s something it’d be fun to explore.

So we’ll see what happens in the future.

Thank you for reading – Happy Trails!


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