I recently spent a couple of weeks in Vancouver. My Wife and I had travelled there for her Cousins Wedding. We left New Zealand at 8pm on Sunday and arrived twelve hours later at 2pm on Sunday. That was a seriously long day. I missed the end of Crankworx Whistler because of family commitments,  but still intended to go riding there. I was enormously grateful a few days later when our Cousin Victoria gifted us a hotel room for a night.

I’d also hoped to do some riding on Vancouver’s North Shore. But with British Columbia again having huge numbers of wildfires, there were air quality warnings in Vancouver and it was recommended to avoid being outside for long periods. The sky was hazy the whole time we were in Vancouver and we never saw the mountains to the North. I did however visit the excellent Dunbar Cycles where I picked up some Troy Lee Body Armour and a couple of pairs of Spy goggles.

Off to Whistler

We arrived in Whistler on Thursday afternoon, there was time to hire a bike for Friday and get a lift pass sorted. I want to thank everyone at Whistler Demo Bike Hire for being really helpful. My first choice was a Nomad 4, but they were unavailable so I went with a Hightower LT. I resisted the temptation of a V10 as I wanted to ride a 29″ bike. I was curious to see how it felt compared to my 27.5″ Nomad 3. The flight home was the day afterwards and had no intention of being injured. Being on a V10 might tempt me into riding beyond my average ability and fitness. That evening I downloaded the Whistler App and started writing lists of trails to string together.

As the chairlift was ascending I quickly felt very relaxed. Apart from the sounds coming from the chairlift, it was incredibly quiet. The scenery was jaw dropping in every direction. The sky was also the clearest I’d seen since arriving in Canada. I find it difficult to chill in big cities and Vancouver is no exception. Mountain biking for me is not just about the riding. It’s also about appreciating the scenery and the places my bike can take me. Up in the mountains is somewhere I feel completely at home.

The first run I took a second chairlift to the top of Garbanzo so I could ride both sections of Blue Velvet. It didn’t take long to appreciate how well the 29″ tyres rolled over the bumpy bits, and there were a lot of them. I stuck to Intermediate level trails such as Crank It up, Heart of Darkness and B-Line. They were all awesome to ride with a good amount of variation. The rest of the day I stuck to just one chairlift so I could become more familiar with the trails in that section of the park. I had plenty of time to get several runs during the afternoon.

It truly was an amazing day. Having been there now I can fully appreciate why it’s one of the world best places to ride a mountain bike. It somewhere I fully intend to return to with my Nomad and spend several days really getting to know the place. Everything was really easy to find and everyone I dealt with was really helpful.

I’m currently editing everything I filmed with the GoPro. There will be some videos coming soon which will be on the Youtube Channel soon.

Thank you for reading!



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